Apalachee Minerals

Fine Worldwide and Southeastern U.S. Minerals


$45.00 Weight: 652 g

Holston River Quarry, near Dublin; Pulaski County, Virginia, USA
115mm x 75mm x 44mm
Translucent white calcite crystals with a yellow iridescent outer layer, most likely iron oxides, as there are also weathered brown micro cubic crystals (probably oxidized pyrite) visible under 20x magnification on some crystal faces. Morphologically, these are shortened scalenohedral crystals to 10 mm in length, with rhombic terminations and modified by {1010} and {0221} faces. Sparsely scattered atop the iridescent calcite crystals are a second generation of similar-sized transparent to translucent white calcites displaying a totally different, flattened rhombic habit. Matrix is Elbrook Limestone. Sawn base.

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