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Welcome to Apalachee Minerals, INC:
Hello and welcome.  We have posted a wide variety of minerals
from various locations around the world.   However, you will see that we specialize in minerals from the Southeastern U.S.   Additionally, you will find some nice agatized coral pairs that we collected from Florida and Georgia and cut and polished ourselves.  We've also posted quite a few nice specimens of Florida calcite (including some matrix pieces) that we've commercially mined from Ruck's Pit. 

We also have a variety of gem trees,  hand made by Lory Maddox, using minerals that we've collected as bases.  
Finally, you will find  beautifully hand-crafted wire-wrapped pendants, also created by Lory Maddox. 

Please feel free to browse. 

WE are currently working on revamping our web site with a new order form with shopping cart features.
In the meantime,
If you are interested in purchasing any of these minerals, or if you have a question, you can e-mail us at order@apalachee-minerals.com

  You will need to know the specimen number, the specimen name and the price. 
If you have any questions, feel free to
contact us.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you will come back and visit us as we will be posting many more specimens in the near future.  If you have any comments, or questions, please visit our comments page and let us know.   Have a great day!

  • Our 2015 show schedule:

    • The Georgia Mineral Society's 47th Annual  Gem, Mineral, Jewelry, and Fossil Show
      May 8-10, 2015, at a new place this year:
       The North Atlanta Trade Center in Norcross, GA, retail: worldwide specimens-
      (for more information:  http://gamineral.org/showmain.html )
    • EAST COAST GEM , MINERAL AND FOSSIL SHOW,  A Martin Zinn Exposition,
      August 7-9, 2015  Eastern States Exposition, Better Living Center
      1305 Memorial Ave., W. Springfield, MA 01089, Tables 25 & 26
      (for more information:  http://www.mzexpos.com/east_coast.html )

           If you have any questions about these shows, feel free to call us at 850-443-0504.

                                                                                                            To see the largest single plate of calcified Mercenaria permagna clams ever recovered from Rucks’ Pit, click on the picture to the right. 
                                                                                                            This piece measures 35 x 25 x 6.9 inches (89 x 63.5 x 17.5 cm), and is home to over 40 Mercenaria clams.


About us:
We are a family of 3, Gary, Lory and Gena.  As a family, we enjoy various outdoor activities, one of which is rock collecting.  We love to travel and are usually spending our free time looking for rocks.   Gary has been an avid mineral collector since childhood and he continues to enjoy the hobby. 

Lory had to learn to appreciate the growing collection, so she learned to create gem trees.  She’s been making these gem trees for many years.  She now enjoys the adventure of rock collecting for finding a variety of bases for her trees.  A variety of different trees are also available on our site (see Gem Trees).  In addition, over the past several years, she learned to  wire wrap and now has a web page dedicated to her wire-wrapped pendants (see Wire Wrap).  She also has an Etsy account with more wire-wraps and gem trees:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/LorysNaturalDesigns?ref=hdr_shop_menu  . 




Gena has been on rock collecting trips before she could walk.  She loves to travel and enjoys helping to wrap the rocks we collect on our trips.  She has recently developed an interest in tumbling and is acquiring quite a collection of tumbled stones.  Some of these will be sold at our shows and the nice ones will be wire-wrapped by Lory.  Gena has her own rock collection and prides herself on adding to it.


If you get a chance, come by and see us at a show!


Apalachee Minerals, INC
P.O. Box 6862
Tallahassee, FL 32314-6862, USA


Last Updated:  02/15/2015
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All Measurements are in centimeters; 1 inch equals approximately 2.5 centimeters.

HOME     RECENT POSTS    Agatized Coral    Agatized Coral-Wholesale FLATS    Florida Calcite      Mineral Specimens    

  Wholesale Page       Links      Discounts      Shipping Policies     Order Form       Wire-Wrapped Pendants      Gem Trees    Books

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You can use our secure order form to place your order.  Feel free to e-mail us at order@apalachee-minerals.com
 or call (850) 443-0504 if you have any questions.

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