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Apalachee Minerals

Apalachee Minerals, has been based in Tallahassee, Florida since 2001. 

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Worldwide Specimens, Specializing in Southeasern U.S. Minerals

We have just updated our website (www.apalachee-minerals.com) with over 40 new mineral specimens (click here). 


We offer a wide variety of worldwide specimens, specializing in North American, particularly, Southeastern U.S. minerals.

Being located in the Southeastern part of the US, we strive to offer fine mineral specimens from our region, as well as worldwide. We are one of the original commercial miners of the uniquely exquisite golden-orange calcite crystal–filled clam fossils from Florida’s Rucks’ Pit, and we continue to offer top quality specimens from this now-defunct locality. We also field-collect Florida and Georgia agatized corals, and cut and polish them in our lapidary shop, for sale as collector specimens. 


Payment for items placed in the cart are via PayPal. 

Since Internet sales are basically nonnegotiable, I post minerals at my lowest retail price. Discounts are offered only to motivate buyers to purchase 4 specimens at a time, because it reduces labor in packing shipments. Customers purchasing 4 or more minerals at one time, we extend the following discounts:

- 10% off on orders over $200
- 15% off on orders over $400
- 20% off on orders over $600
These discounts do not apply to single specimens priced above these values, only on purchases of 4 or more minerals. These discounts will be refunded back to you, following your payment in PayPal. 

Discounts do not apply to orders with multiple payment methods or accumulate over multiple purchases.  


GUARANTEE: All specimens are subject to prior sale and sent “satisfaction guaranteed”.  If you are not satisfied with your specimen and want to return it, please notify us within 14 days of receipt for a full refund, excluding shipping and handling costs. All returns must be insured. 


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